Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Toyota FT86 Announced Official in Malaysia!

The much awaited Toyota FT86 has just been officially announced by UMW Toyota Motor in Malaysia! No official launch date has been given, but they are taking orders already. The lowest end version cost RM243k, while the highest end spec is RM250k. Personally, I am waiting for the Subaru BRZ, it should be faster than the Toyota FT86 and probably cheaper too, since people perceive Toyota in a better light, and they get better resell value.

The Toyota FT86 is touted as an economic, fun sporty car, but in Malaysia this does not seem to be the case. Again, thanks to exorbitant tax and the high resell value of the Toyota name in Malaysia, the car costs RM240k+, which is equivalent to roughly 80,000 USD. However, even though the cars here cost a lot, there is no shortage of GTR35 and Porsches running around. Guess when the car is good enough people are willing to do anything to get it :D Back to the Toyota FT86, I am not a fan of its exterior look. No doubt it is sleek looking, but the car does not give me the sporty look, nor does it have the exotic look. The lights looks like a Mazda's, the front bonnet slope resembles a Porsche, and the bumper reminds me of a Nissan 350z. It is just so bland and there is no uniqueness in its design. 
"Six colours will be available at launch – Satin White Pearl (RM800 premium), Crystal Black Silica, Sterling Silver Black, Lightning Red, Galaxy Blue Silica and Orange Metallic. No other official information on the specs of the car has been announced as yet" - Paultan.org

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