Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Clampdown on Replica 300SL!

This is one car that gets more expensive as it gets older. Besides its exclusiveness, it is also an icon of Mercedes-Benz. Some people have attempted to replicate its exclusiveness in the form of replica kit cars!

Mercedes-Benz does not like this however. They want to keep it exclusive, and any replica that fools people into thinking it is a genuine one makes the originals less "exclusive". The famous gullwing coupe was replicated with a fiberglass chassis, and while on transit to its new owner, was found and subsequently destroyed for violating the copyright law of applied art.

"The certified equipment used in the centre includes two presses, each applying over 30 tons of pressure. The replica sports car had a fiberglass body weighing precisely 148 kilograms, which the compressor smashed into small pieces. This dramatic end to the unlawful body was officially documented with a signed and stamped 'confirmation of scrappage'"

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