Saturday, October 23, 2010

Everco - Exhaust Shop Review

   For those of you having exhaust problems or want to change your exhaust system, look no further! Everco is located in Sunway. For those of you who thinks Sunway's shops are expensive, then think again. The shop is located just beside Esso in Sunway. 

    Previously I have been to a certain chain of exhaust shop,which claims to be the most affordable. However, after 2-3 trips, my exhaust is just noisy and powerless. The cost? RM180+RM350 for China Brand midbox and China brand muffler. After some searching around, I found Everco. The manager, Kingston, recommended me to change my midbox and muffler again. I had it changed for RM250 (midbox) and RM380 (for the muffler). Overall, I am very satisfied. Even though it is slightly more expensive than the so called cheapest exhaust shop, the exhaust is silent with a low bass. My car also experience much better acceleration.

    By the way, be wary of those exhaust shops that will "throw" away your catalyst converter for you; these catalyst convert, no matter the condition can still be sold for RM80++. The shop in most cases will simply put it at one corner and hope you forget to take it.

The bullet on the left is the midbox from Everco, where else the one on the right is a bullet from the previous exhaust shop. The size difference contributes greatly to the sound. 1 Everco midbox can suppress more noise than 2 China brand bullet type "muffler".

Take note of the horrendous welding done by the previous exhaust shop. Everco's welding is much better! (Sorry, didn't take picture of Everco's muffler; the picture shown is a China brand muffler).