Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Clean Engine Bays : Wire tucked !

While many people pay attention to their car's exterior, the interior is often neglected. Car enthusiasts usually spice up their car's exterior with body kits, custom paint jobs, spoilers, diffusers etc. What comes to most car enthusiasts mind when we talk about interior modification? Usually performance gauges & meters, ICE, and the like. 

In recent trends, silicon hoses have become quite popular. Other mods to pimp out your engine bay usually include chrome parts, or sleeves. There is another way: wire tucking is one of the coolest mod you can do for your engine. 

Honda Engine Bay

What is wire tucking? Wire tucking removes unnecessary wires/components from the engine, while the required and critical wires are rerouted and hidden. This may include relocating the fuse box behind the fenders. Minor drilling work is required, but you can still hide most of your auxiliary wires such as head lamp and signal wires under the engine supporting beams. Relocating the battery to the rear is also common.  

These mods are complemented greatly by a painted engine bay and engine cover. To make more room, you can use a smaller performance radiator as well. Hardcore enthusiasts even remove the power steering and air conditioning system, but that is a tad too extreme. Probably only suitable for track cars.

For local car's like Proton Wira & Satria, one of the commonly removed item is the cruise control module. On my car for example, it is not functional anymore so it is removed for a cleaner engine bay look!

The main objective is to achieve a clean engine bay look.

A local production: Proton Satria Wire tucked! Neat!

Here is mine! Yup cruise control is still there, as this is an old picture. Tidied up some wiring, but still left a lot to be done! As per 9gag meme reference, CLOSE ENOUGH! lol

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