Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thai girls at the 2012 Bangkok International Carshow!

I have always thought that these motorshows were not really for manufacturers to showcase the cars, but to flaunt the girls. Apart from checking the new cars, most people (I presume) go there to check out something else! These thai girls  sure do look great, sometimes grabbing all the attention away from the product that they are trying to represent. 

Hope you folks enjoy the pictures!

These 2 fair maidens' give a nice contrast to the black Chevrolet. 

Surely this Mazda has the seating capacity for all 5 of these girls?!

VW Scirocco

I didn't notice that guy in the back photobombing until the 3rd time I saw this picture.

Credits to Andy Goh and Zerotohundred.com! 

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Book your tickets to Thailand now, because thats where the girls are at! Wouldn't want to miss the next International Bangkok Motorshow :D