Monday, April 8, 2013

2012 Proton Saga FLX bolt on turbo

Running on a Subaru TD04. Fueling is helped a little with Works Fuel Pressure Regulator
Here is my own 2012 Proton Saga FLX bolt on turbo. Currently running without management, still able to boost up to 0.4 bar (albeit with bad fuel consumption). Saving up for a Haltech Sprint 500 standalone! To complement the power, a new semi-racing clutch will be dropped in. Next is to upgrade the brake system to a double servo pump, and better brake pads. The car is currently running on a lowered spring setup (Sapura sports spring) which is sufficient for daily usage. Overall quite satisfied with this bolt on turbo Saga FLX setup, as the sound emitted is not too loud, and sounds like a standard ride. Even my intercooler is well hidden inside, as I intend to achieve a sleeper look.

Proton Saga FLX bolt on turbo with subtle intercooler. Looks stock! 

Final objective will be to stroke it to 1600cc with new crankshaft, forged conrods and forged pistons; aiming at about 200whp! For a little car like this it is more than enough.

Enjoy the pictures. Any question feel free to comment!

Some FAQ I got from fellow Campro mod enthusiasts:

1) Can the Campro engine cope without management?
Not advisable  but as long as you don't boost recklessly you can drive it fine with occasional boost (not more than 0.4-0.5 bar, according to several tuners).  The car runs fine, nearly 2 months and counting. No problems encountered so far, except that my stock clutch is already slipping :)

2) Why don't you install management?
Campro's ECU runs on a closed loop system, so it will override piggy-back management such as E-manage (some had success with Works EMS-1 though). I plan to just use a standalone like Haltech Sprint 500. This Haltech Sprint 500 standalone ECU cost about RM4,000-5,000 with installation, tuning, and dyno. Planning to drop in the internals together.

3) What is the estimated horsepower without management?
I'm not going to lie and tell you fancy stories, since mine is only 1.3-litre my butt dyno tells me the car's current whp is about 90whp, albeit wtih much more torque.

4) Are forged internals even available for the Campro? How much?
Yes they are, CP forged pistons go for about RM2k+, and custom made forged conrods about RM1k+.

5) After bolt on turbo what is your top speed?
Unfortunately bolt on turbo doesn't modify my gear ratio. My current top speed on this Saga FLX is about 190km/h.

6) What is your fuel consumption without management?
When it was stock my FC was 10-11km/L (abysmal figure). After bolt on turbo, FC stands at about 8-10km/L (depending on how much I boost).

7) How much did you spend for this bolt on turbo project?
About RM2,800, without labour.


  1. bro how much total u spend for this bot..i own flx manual like u..

    1. Hi,

      Not much really, about RM2,800 (without labour for all the parts), and additional RM500+ to add the fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, fuel return hose / fittings, and other minor items.

    2. PS: that is without management. If you must, you can install Works EMS-1 (which is about RM1,800) with tuning and dyno. Another thing is the clutch, you should standby RM1,000 for semi-racing clutch to handle the torque and labour charge for installation.

      If you have extra moolah do change the brake servo, I heard Honda EK's dual layer brake serve can be installed without much modification (another RM200 there).

    3. Where is the workshop that y bolt your turbo.???

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Johnny, about 1-2 weeks for the Saga FLX. Cheers

  3. Arrange the intercooler in the same position as the CVT2 cooler, perfect sleeper.
    If only I have insisted on the Getrag box.... haih

    1. Now it is pretty sleeper already, looks like aircond condenser. :D

  4. hi jackson. im planning to increase the horsepower of my car also. i am driving same car like u but auto trnsmn. can it be done?

    1. Can be done but you'll be boosting at quite low pressure (around 0.4). More than that you might damage the gearbox and it will slip a lot. Best if you just save money up a bit and buy a Suprima S or the upcoming Suprima R (which I plan to do). :D

  5. Hai..2,800 include i.c & td04??any problem after bot? For long journey any problem or not?

    1. Hi, that is for parts only. Long distance quite fuel saving, can get about 350-400km for around 33 litres. Problem is my clutch slip and unnecessary sudden acceleration.

  6. Hello, i am driving a stock automatic saga flx 1.3, it is advisable to install front strut bar in my car?

  7. Replies
    1. Hi Adam, your tuner should help you install a 5th injector or change the 4 existing injectors to high flow ones. You would need a new fuel rail too. Cheers and hope this information help.

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