Sunday, April 8, 2012

2012 BMW 3 series Li (3Li) - Elongated version revealed

The BMW 3 series 3Li will debut at the Beijing Auto show sometime this month. The 3Li is basically an elongated version of the standard 3 series, offering more leg room for the rear passengers. This car is suitable for the emerging south east Asian and Asian market, as many opt for a regular sedan but want a luxury touch to it. In comparison, the 5 series and 7 series also offers an elongated version, but the size of the vehicle and price deters many buyers. The 3Li is stretched by 110mm in the middle, and is available as 320Li, 328Li and 335Li variants. The roadtax will be more feasible and affordable as the capacity is smaller.

The longer wheelbase adds a touch of luxury and comfort. The stance itself commands a premium. 
Elegantly poised with twin exhaust for the highest range (among 3Li series ) inline 6 engine.

Plenty of legroom for all 3 occupants. The interior has a soothing touch to it.

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