Saturday, April 7, 2012

China Innovation - Number Plate Alteration on Porsche Boxter

In a bid to escape traffic speed cameras, a Porsche boxter in China has altered his number plate. Apparently it is really common in China to put or stick foreign objects on their car plates to escape traffic summons. Most people stick stickers, or pretend their plate has fallen off. Now this fellow! He has used tooth paste to alter the his plate, from 211 to 277. Not very long, he was stopped and slapped with a 2200 RMB fine (~ USD3000). He also has his licence revoked because he was ran out  of infringement points. People in China sure are innovative! From rolling out a plastic sheet that imitates a valid parking spot to altering plates, making a replica Ariel Atom, and converting a Nissan Sentra to Lamborghini Reventon (All these articles are available at my blog, check the archives).

He thought his Porsche needed her licence plate brushed as well. That seems to be against the Chinese Law.

Close enough? Apparently not :P

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