Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Craziest Modified / Tuned Cars!

From a Transparent Beetle to a Jet Rocket Car, some of the strangest tuned cars we've seen.

Only in Japan

Transparent Volkswagen Beetle - Can't see this!

Front or Back? Which side is driving it?

Back to the Future; or should I say "Whoever gets ran over by this vehicle has no future".

The PETA will come after you for this!

Too much Gundam anime. Japan rocks!

The Fat Car by artist Erwin Wurm

The Cat Car! "Meow!"

Recycle Carton Battle car

Beetle Turtle car Now with head

The Unidentified Driving Beetle 
Parking Hazard Car

Ye Olde' "Horses are not included".

Nike Car

Jetson's car

Is this a boat or a car? It's a boatcar!

Coffin Car. At least when you crash the ceremony is complete.