Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Proton Preve: Possible Quality Issues? Switch fitment

Despite being touted as the global car, with international quality standards, this viral image of the recent Proton Preve test drive shows otherwise. The passenger key lock and other indicator located on the bevel of the centre console was seen dislocated and dangling inside the dashboard. This reminds me of the old Proton Wira aircond button, where it is quite common for the button itself to be pushed too far inside and left dangling in the dashboard.

FUUU! Quality issues again!?

Well this could be a rushed unit for the recent test drive and launch of the Proton Preve, hence the "rushed" quality. However, with the booking numbers rising, will Proton overlook certain quality control procedures and let history repeat itself? We will need the first batch of buyers to give comment on that!

Apart from that, the centre console does look quite well designed. Great job on that! For more information on the Proton Preve, head over to the official specification and price list!

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