Thursday, April 26, 2012

BMW F10 M5 survives crash at 300km/h

We know that BMW's are very safe, especially when compared to our local Proton Cars, but just how safe are BMW's actually are? Well, apparently, a 60 year old BMW driver was travelling on the Autobahn highway at the BMW F10 M5's top speed; all 300km/h of it. Just like the Proton Preve accident, some external forces swerved in and caused this gorgeous BMW F10 M5 to lose control and crash. As you can see, at 300km/h the car is a total loss. Well Proton is much better...
...it can achieve the same look and effect at just 120km/h, no doubt about that! One of the headlights was still working, and amazingly, all the passengers survived (albeit with injury)

The car was a total loss, but this is expected from a collision at 300km/h. The car flipped several times before landing on its wheels again. 

Following his dad's M5 was his 2 sons, one in and M3 and M6. Talking about the M6, it is an awesome car! Personally driven both the M3,M5 and M6, and I prefer the M6 anyday! The car is just fantastic, and no words could describe it.

Source: Bimmerpost