Monday, April 16, 2012

Epic Singaporean uncle threatens to sue over parking spot!

SJW37E Singapore Rich Man swear, curse and treaten to sue over a parking lot. Epic Singaporean uncle threatens to sue over parking spot! Some Singaporean uncle who supposedly was waiting for the same parking as another guy was very angry when he did not get the parking spot. The angry uncle is driving a Jaguar XJ. On a happier note, here is Batman driving a Lamborghini , who entertains sick children at his local hospital! Talk about both ends of the extreme spectrum.

Some quotes from the uncle:

"I am going to sue you, for f**king me!"

"I saw you shopping at centre point!" (Not sure how is this relevant)

"I have witness that you f**k me okay!"

"I sue you until your backside broken!"

Watch out, we got a badass over here!

Description as from the youtube video:

"30th Jan 2011, Sunday, 3.30pm, Atrium@orchard road parking lot.I was queuing on road side with signal and waiting for car park as it was full and to avoid blocking of road.This guy drive and want to cut my lane. I move in the lane and he almost hit my door by 1CM. and then start swearing cursing and say he got alot of money, tons of money. Say its his que. Keep saying non stop that he has alot of money.Then I got into the car park. He stop infront of my car and continue swear and curse and wanted to sue me...etc... and his saliva is spreading like all over my face.... Yuck...I keep telling him that I never swear or even finger pointing as he has claimed blah blah blah.... Look at him barking like a "Short Short" man (His wife confirm by saying at the end of the video that he is "short short" one...)." -

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