Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Modification: Compilation of some extreme bodyworks

The pictures are collected over a few months of surfing the net, thus the proper references could not be made! However, if the picture is yours and you would like credit for it, kindly let me know! Thanks and enjoy the pictures!

Honda Prelude BB1-BB4 Widebody kit visualization

Toyota Celica ST183-ST185 Fender Arches and custombodykit

Looks like some hybrid Nissan Silvia front & Rear on a Honda Prelude; pretty extensive modification done.

Proton Putra Widebody kit

Thai-made Prelude Ferrari Enzo Bodykit

Perodua Kancil (Daihatsu Mira) AE86 Toyota Trueno Initial D Style bodykit

From Motor Magazine scan: Honda Prelude with Honda DC5 Integra front.

In Progress: Ferrari bodykit on Toyota MR2

Honda Prelude Euro front bumper ! Much better looking than the fighter jet nose style (In my opinion). From Honda Prelude for sale at www.zerotohundred.com

Mini Cooper Classic Widebody

Honda Prelude with Nissan Skyline R32 R33 bodykit

Honda Prelude with R33 Tail-light conversion "Skylude": Owner's page @ http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2138995/1993-honda-prelude

Toyota MR2 Innovative hood vent

Perodua Myvi with BMW 5 series bodykit! Found at Paultan.org

Proton Putra with Skyline R34 custom bodykit