Saturday, April 14, 2012

Modification: Headlight conversions - Better or Worse?

Some cars have undergone different headlight conversions for many reasons, such as availability of older flip up headlight mechanism or for pure aesthetic purposes. Some of these conversions look much better than stock form in my opinion, and without further ado, you shall be the judge with the following conversions:

Original: Mazda Familia 323F / Astina

Conversion: (Headlight appears to be from Honda Civic, tail lights have some Altezza taste to it)

Toyota MR2 Non-Flip up headlight conversion

Toyota MR2 Projector Headlights with low-raise mod

Toyota MR2 with Toyota Celica Headlights

Toyota MR2 with Mitsubishi FTO Headlights

All pictures belong to their respective owners, if the picture is yours and you would like credit, kindly email me. Thank you.