Friday, March 23, 2012

Ariel Atom : Custom DIY, only in China!

The real Ariel Atom

Close enough!

Now we all know that China can copy anything, from your iPads, iPhones, Mercedes Benz, BMW, etc; as long as there is a will, there is a way! Usually, these duplicates are made by people with the proper expertise and tools. However, in this case the sheer passion of a rural farmer has successfully (in his own right) made a duplicate of the Ariel Atom. With some practical modifications such as a more feasible engine, the whole project took him about a year. The end result? 0-100km in 10 seconds, powered from a Suzuki Alto GX600, 40 horsepower, 800cc motor. Weighing in at just 550 kilograms, if he had opt for a 1.6L engine such as a 4AGE I am sure he can do 0-100 in about 6 seconds or so. 

This is where it all begins... from painted bamboo. Just kidding, he used steel pipes.

The chassis; made from scrap pipes!

Before painting

Porsche engineered exhaust and necessary lights. I do hope the cross support is removable, else it would be hard to service or repair the car.

Front spoiler may be a bit too narrow...

Apart from the seats, the car actually looks quite good

More pictures:

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