Friday, March 16, 2012

Go Kart in Bangkok

During my recent trip to Bangkok, my brother brought me to have some go-kart fun! The place?

EasyKart Thailand
31//11 RCA Plaza, 2nd Floor, Rama 9 Road, Bangkapi, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10320, Thailand

The RCA plaza. Go Kart is located upstairs! Tip from my brother's friend who is a frequent visitor: get your drinks at the supermarket downstairs, drinks are MUCH cheaper. You may bring them in discretely. 

I am not sure about the rates though, I think it is about 800 baht for 8 minutes in the 270cc kart. 

There are 3 types of go-karts to choose from. Starting with the "children" kart for beginners with 100cc engine, it progresses to 160cc and 270cc "adults"  go -karts rated for "good drivers". Sadly there were no karts available for bad drivers. There were only 4 270cc go karts available, and number 14 is the favorite for unknown reason (probably it is marginally faster than the others). Number 18 kart is problemantic and have misfiring issue, suddenly loss of power etc. Number 20 and 24 is just average. I was lucky enough to see one of the top 5 Karters doing his lap; Mr. Hiroaki clocked consistent 25.xx to 26.xx time laps! For comparison, the first time I clocked 30.xx seconds, and improved to 28.xx gradually. My brother and his friends who were seasoned players could clock 26.xx to 27.xx time. 

in 16 minutes we did about 35 laps in this circuit. Boy does my wrist feels sore afterwards!

My membership card :D

All hyped up and ready to go! Me an my brother wore the supplied helmets. They provide hygiene wraps  for the helmets. My brother's friend had his own full carbon fibre racing helmet which is ultra light! lol.

The stop pit!

A lounge for you to relax after or before go-karting sessions.They have a pool table available, as well as beverages. 
On an unrelated matter, they have an electronic weighing machine there. I was 900 grams after 16 minutes of go-karting! No kidding!