Sunday, March 18, 2012

Proton P3-21A - Specification & Visual check!

The new Proton P3-21A seems to have created much hype. After all, this is probably the first time Proton launched a turbo charged engine (there was a turbo charged Wira or Saga on a limited run or as an add on package previously if I am not mistaken, done by PERT). in a sedan car. We could only speculate what the aftermarket scene will do to this car! Be prepared for bigger turbos and other electronic upgrades to unlock the P3-21A's true potential! There is also a non turbo charged engine variant. I am sure most people will find a way to get the non-turbo version to be turbo ! Huge potential for aftermarket kits!

Visually it looks very much like a Honda City or Kia Forte at a glance, however the front grille and head lamp combination from spyshots seem to suggest otherwise. 

Features:Auto Cruise
Key less Push Start (ON/OFF) 
Magnesium Paddle Shift 7-speed & Manual Mode (+/-) di gear column
Audio Switch Steering Control
Soft touch plastic dashboard
Emblem at Steering Wheel 
Rain Sensor
Light Sensor
Front LED day light 
Sport Rim 16″ (10 Spoke)
Multi-link rear suspension
Auto fold/unfold side mirror – 
Auto Off Rear Demister 
Follow Home Lamp
Headlamp Warning Buzzer
Trunk Remote Release
Front & rear socket 12V 
Front & Rear Fog Lamp
Anti-Trap Power Windor (Driver side only)
Seat Material – Water repelent fabric. 
Smart Info Display (SID)
Autolock & advance lock system
Magnesium Inside Door Handle
Key less Entry
BOSCH Head-Unit 
YES WiFi Modem 
S Mode (Sport) 
BCM – Body Control Module

4 Wheel ABS & EBD with 4 Wheel Disc Brake
TC (Traction Control)
ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
BA (Braking Assist)
5 STARS Australia NCAP 

Aerodynamic (rintangan angin): Cd Factor = 0.30

1.6 CFE with 7speed Pro-Tronic CVT3 (VVT)
0-100km/h: 9.6  - Not too bad!With some modification to the boost, 7-8 seconds should be achievable.
Max Torque Nm/rpm 205 / 2000 ~ 4000

Credits to Paultan.org for the picture and information.