Monday, March 19, 2012

Japanese House with awesome garage!

A see-through second level allows the garage to be seen!

This house is only 2000 square feet....

I have always wanted a house with an extravagant garage for my cars. What comes to my mind are usually big, humongous warehouse capacity garages, much like Tony Stark's house and garage in Ironman. However, not every country has abundant or accessible space. In this aspect, the Japanese people are very clever in utlilising space. Japanese architect Takyua Tsuchida has designed what appears to be a really small garage, but by using the surrounding and architectural in such a way that displays the garage in another level. 
2000 square feet but can store over 9 cars! The clever use of architectural design makes this place appear much bigger than it actually is. Note the placement of the windows, and the elongated garage.

The house is actually only 2000 square feet, which is a standard size house in Tokyo. The main features are a see through floor on the second level that allows the users to view the garage below. The garage has capacity for 9 cars, which is amazing considering that it is only 2000 square feet. This is made possible by a lift system, which rotates the cars around. This special abode holds a special Anniversary Edition Lamborghini Countach, which can be elevated for display in the living room via a hydraulic platform.

"Dubbed the "KRE", the house is light, airy, modern and minimalist with unfinished wooden floors, the better to display the owner's supercar collection to advantage. The interior also features Bauhaus furniture and a full-sized living tree. Tsuchida's No. 555 design studio has won many awards and accolades from avant garde architecture publications" - Source http://www.luxist.com/2010/04/09/japanese-architects-house-uses-supercars-as-decor/