Monday, March 26, 2012

Hella Flush? Is it worth the trouble?

What is hella flush? It is a terminology for cars that have their tyres "flushed" with their fenders. A picture is worth a thousand words :D

I have always admired those slammed down cars. Despite its looks, it is not practical at all. You will have trouble going up and down parking rams, over speed bumps, and of course potholes will be an even bigger enemy.  With the sad condition of some of Malaysian's road, and their insensitivity towards lowered cars (you get some speed bumps with surprisingly sharp gradient, like the Earth's tectonic plates just suddenly decided to slam together). Practicality aside, the car needs to be installed with lowered suspension, chamber kits, deep dish rims, and stretched tyres. Fender rolling is also a necessity. All this trouble just for looks? Is it worth it? I would say yes! (If I had another car to roll around in during weekdays).

Apart from VIP styled cars, classic cars are also very much into this hella flush scene. KE70 is a good platform to play, as the car is relatively cheap and the stance totally gives the car a new look! In a later post I will write about a Malaysian Hella Flush-ed Proton Wira! 

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