Sunday, March 11, 2012

Proton Saga FLX - Possibly my next car?

After meddling with modifications for some time, one thing that bothers me is the fuel consumption. Sure, my Toyota Altis with 3SGTE engine can go 0-100km/h in 5.6 seconds, but it also consumes 7km per litre. That is really terrible when I have to use it to go to work, although it would make a great weekend car. Due to this, I decided to purchase a car that could get me from point A to B, has the basic necessities, doesn't cost too much (entry level price), and easy to maintain. Most importantly, it has to be fuel efficient.  

After taking out used cars from my equation, there wasn't much choice for me at the moment in the RM40k+/- segment: Proton Saga FLX, Perodua Myvi (1.3 entry level), or Perodua Viva Elite?

Proton Saga FLX
Perodua Myvi Lagi Best 1.3

Perodua Viva Elite

Straight away, Myvi is out. Reason 1, I have personal vendetta against all Myvis. Number 2, if I am getting a car I prefer to get the highest spec version, and with my budget I can only get the basic Myvi. This left me with Saga FLX and Perodua Viva Elite. Both offers reasonable interior design, the basic sound system and faux leather seats. Both are equally cheap to maintain and provides excellent fuel efficiency; the 1.0L Viva Elite auto boasts a 15km/L claim, while Saga FLX 1.3L manual claims 16km/L. However, realistic after some research the Saga manages around 12-15km/L depending on driving condition, while the Viva is around 13-16km/L. Both car are an equally good choice for a workhorse to get from point A to B.

The verdict? I am waiting for the 1.6L MANUAL Saga FLX.