Sunday, March 11, 2012

MG MIDGET MK1 For Sale, In Malaysia!

It is a sad affair to see these extinct machines gone to neglect, like wives during world cup season, only that the work cup lasts for an eternity. Often plaguing the site of Malaysian industrial workshop areas, you will see the common Morris Minor or Ford Escort rusting away under the bleaching hot sun. However, you do get to admire some well preserved, show room condition classic cars once in a while. They are rarely driven on the road though, as I know that classic car status road tax only entitles the car to be driven during weekends. 

"Ford Escort rusting away under the bleaching hot sun"

Most are retired as collector cars, instead of driven. Nevertheless, while browsing through the Automotive Garage section of Lowyat.net, I stumbled upon this near pristine 1963 MG Midget MK1 for sale! How I wish I had RM42,000 cash!  This car has a power output of 56hp at 5500 rpm, and 84 Nm of torque at 3250 rpm. Not very fast, 0-100km in 18 seconds. Despite its speed, you do feel like you are:

Speeding like a sir!

Extracted directly from the ad: Source: Lowyat.net Automotive Garage

- Year 1963
- 1100cc
- Tip-Top Running Condition
- Convertible
- Well Maintained Original Spec

- 100% Accident Free

Price : RM42,000.00


- Interested Please Direct Call / SMS - 0166367575 Kuek 

On an unrelated note, here is a MG Miget modified with a Toyota 4AGE 20V silver top. Yes I have a fetish for weird engine transplants. 

Source of 4AGE Midget: