Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Proton Waja modified into BMW 5 Series!

I recently attended the 2011 Autoshow at USJ 19 Digital Mall and saw this awesome Proton Waja modded with BMW 5 series exterior body parts. Despite the disproportions, the car will make you think it is a genuine 5 series from afar (at least from the front). The rear end looks nothing like a BMW though, and the sides will also reveal its true nature immediately. Nevertheless, this is a good attempt ! Definitely a refreshing change from all those Mitsubishi EVO wannabes! 

Featuring a genuine BMW5 series bumper with the famous kidney grille tastefully blacked out, complemented by a custom designed hood.

Side vents to imitate the BMW M5 look.

BMW M5 style rear bumper, LED tail lamps with the trademark  LED light pattern.

Wide body fender arches. Sweet! Could do with a wide offset rim to complement the look though!

Usual Mitsubishi EVO wannabes

How about both? EVO bonnet vents, BMW front. Credits to Source!