Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps : Lamborghini Gallardo

Nice satin white Gallardo

Vinyl wraps have become quite popular in recent years. One of the reason could be that the original paint can be maintained, and at the same time users can achieve a refreshing new look which may or may not be temporary. Vinyl wraps are not cheap though; they can cost more than a paint job in most cases! Furthermore, for glossy finishes it is not as easy to achieve with vinyl wraps. Most wraps now are of the matte type, which are non-reflective. In Malaysia, whole car wraps can cost up to RM3,000 easily (depending on quality etc). Quality paint jobs cost about the same or less. Furthermore, you can apply textures such as carbon fibre, stainless steel and so on.

Advantages of Vinyl wraps:

-Can be removed easily
-Not permanent and reversible
-Allows for textures such as carbon fibre
-Protects original paintjob
-Depending on your country, vinyl wraps CAN be CHEAPER than respraying your car