Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Datsun making a comeback! 2012!

I was browsing your Paultan.org, and he mentioned that Datsun is making a comeback to the automotive industry ! After being dormant for so long, the Datsun brand has always represented a huge chunk of the Japanese automotive industry previously. Nissan has confirmed that they will revive the Datsun brand; Datsun will focus on the affordable market segment. 

Lower end Segment

Higher end Segment

Mainstream Market

I guess Nissan is going to penetrate into different market areas now? They have the infinite for the luxury segment, Nissan for the mainstream, and Datsun for the budget segment. However, it is unlikely that Datsun will enter Malaysia; the lower end segment of automobiles is reserved for Proton and Perodua (No need to say why!). Report has it that Datsun will focus on emerging markets such as Indonesia, and perhaps Thailand. 

Bring back these cute (and reliable) little cars!