Friday, March 22, 2013

Renault ZOE - The Electric Supermini For Everyday Use

Renault ZOE - The Electric Supermini For Everyday Use

While the hybrid car era has just begun, manufacturers are churning out electric vehicles for consumers already; the Renault ZOE being the latest addition, aims to be the electric supermini for everyday use. Think Henry Ford, think Ford Model T, but from Renault and an electric car. The Renault ZOE will go on sale in the UK in June 2013, and probably reach Malaysia 10 years later, if ever.

A quick recap on the Renault ZOE’s supposedly merits: electric car, affordability, and decent looks.

The Renault ZOE will be introduced with a starting price of £13,995 on-the-road (After introductory price).  It has a NEDC range of 130 miles (209km), which is great and equivalent to a half tank of petrol compact cars. This is made possible through innovative features such as regenerative braking, heat pump, and Michelin EnergyTM E-V tyres. Realistically though, you are looking at about 60 miles  (100km) to 90 miles (150km).

The ZOE recharges to 80% in approximately 30 minutes with a 43kW AC power source. The interior features plenty connectivity and multimedia gadgetry, such as a 7 inch display, voice recognition, and whatever a Millennium Falcon has except the hyperdrive.

Power output? 65kW or 88hp, with instant delivery of 220Nm torque. Guaranteed responsive drive, but don’t expect anything stellar.