Friday, March 15, 2013

Proton Saga FLX 1.3 Manual Bolt on Turbo

It has a been a while; although I just got the car for around 7 months, I decided to add on a bolt on turbo system to the car.

The 1.3L Campro is running on a TD04 from a Subaru (13T if I'm not mistaken). Didn't boost much, as the management is still not installed yet. Planning to go for Works EMS! Overall the project was cost efficient and neat, running on 2 inch custom made intercooler piping.

Will post the updates after I have managed to dyno tune the car! For more mean time, enjoy my small bolt on turbo 1.3L Campro Proton Saga FLX!

UPDATE: Fuel efficiency without any manage is at 8-10km/L. Not too bad. Managed to get 12-13km/L at one point (believe it or not!) by tuning the fuel pressure regulator, but the ECU adjusted and it went back to "normal".