Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mini Cooper Fever!

            The Mini, a car conceived by the British Motor Corporation was first produced in 1959. After many years, it still remained as a popular car. In Malaysia, it is some sort of an cult icon where even a condemned condition one can fetch RM5,000 (USD$1500). A thorough restored one can fetch up to RM30,000 (USD$10,000)! We are talking about the classic old mini cooper here, not the new ones. In fact, it is a popular car for many extreme modifications. 

Classic British Icon (Source)
New VS Old (Source)

For the engine alone, many enthusiasts have plonked in B16A honda Vtec engines inside! Of course in Malaysia it isn't legal. 

Evo VIII vs VTEC Mini - Donnington July 08 (From Youtube)

Hotrod style pickup truck with extreme bodykit (Source)

4X4 anyone? (source)
What is that?! (Source)

Jeremy Clarkson: POWEERRRRR ! (Source)

Past to Present of Mini
The Mini ain't so mini anymore (Source)

And now, in the present, someone has created something else! 

"Half Mini Cooper, half racing chair... all awesome" 

(Chris Shunk @ Autoblog, 2011)

Mini Cooper Gaming Chair

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