Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DIY: Tyre Wall White Font

I recently went shopping around at Popular bookstore, and I came across these all purpose Artline 400XF Paint Markers in white.

I have always wanted to paint my tyres walls white, similar to those track racing cars!

Michelin Racing Slicks with white fonts!

Since I had some spare Hankook Ventus tyres laying around my room, I decided to use them as guinea pigs for my project.

Ferrari 599 with Michelin white fonts; looks simply gorgeous!

First I cleaned the tyres with a wet cloth. Note how dirty it is!

I first did one coat of paint, however it was not very good due to some remaining dirt and uneven pressure on the pen.

After the second coat it looks much better!

The Result? Not so good from close detailed shot as my hand is not so steady and the marker is pretty thick. However, from a distance you cannot really differentiate the drips, and the font appears clear. Doubt that it will stay for more than few weeks though! Still it is a pretty fun DIY project!