Sunday, October 24, 2010

Woman Parking!


     We all have experienced some form of women driving fury before!  My personal experience: happened to me a few times, 1. Woman Driver gives signal to come into my lane. 2. Starts entering my lane when my car is exactly next to her car. 3. ???? 4. Either I honk or she suddenly sees me and moves back into her lane. 
Or how about the time this woman was driving on the fast lane at 40-60km/h with no car in front, yet braking constantly?

Finally, I kid you not,I was following this Naza Citra going at 40km/h and braking for absolutely no reason. I overtook her after 5mins (yes I know, left side overtaking is illegal) and guess what? A woman was driving while using a LAPTOP on her lap! I could see the screen from my car! @.@
But lets be fair, guys drive like idiots at times as well. However, it seems to me that only women are on the receiving end and getting picked on! I wonder why?