Saturday, October 23, 2010

Malaysian Road Tax

    Wondering how much road tax do you have to pay for the 2nd hand 3.5L Nissan 350Z that is being advertised? Or the road tax of a 2JZ 3L supra? We've all come across this dilemma; a car is being sold at an attractive price, the only letdown is the price of the road tax. Certain older cars possess engines with huge displacement due to the fact that petrol wasn't that expensive during its time. Thus, consumers are usually turned off by vehicles which are more than 2L in engine displacement, assuming the road tax to be exorbitant. This is usually not the case as the jump may occur from 2.5L to 3L, where else 2.2L engines still possess a reasonable road tax amount.

As of 2010
1000CC        RM20
1100CC        RM55
1600CC        RM90
1700CC        RM240
1800CC        RM280
1900CC        RM330
2000CC        RM380
2500CC        RM880
( Every 100CC from 2000 to 2500 just +RM100, e.g. 2100CC = RM380+100 =RM480)
2600CC        RM1130
2700CC        RM1380
2800CC        RM1630
2900CC        RM1880
3000CC        RM2130
3500CC        RM4380

Source: AutoWorld.com.my Road Tax Calculator

Wouldn't a 1JZ engine (2.5L) be much more economical (RM880 vs. RM2130) compared to 2JZ (3.0L)? How about a 1JZ block with 2JZ head?