Sunday, October 24, 2010

Car Review: Toyota Corolla 1979-1984 (KE70)

    Looking for a budget car to get around, or beginner drift car? The Toyota KE70 is one of a kind, and is the last rear wheel drive "Corolla" to be produced. Most KE70s in Malaysia come in 2 form, the round light and square light.


In terms of door configuration, the 2 door model is quite rare while the 4 door sedan is abundant. You should be looking at RM1500-5000 for a bad to normal conditioned car, while a good condition one can command up to RM8500+.

Engine Configuration
4K-U — 1.3 L 74 hp
5K-C — 1.5 L 80 hp

However, most enthusiasts transplant different engines, the most popular being the 4AGE engine (16V 115–140 hp, 148Nm or the 20V 160-165 hp, 160+Nm). Other transplants such as SR20 engine is also possible.

The KE70 actually makes for a very good project car, due to its popularity parts are also abundant. Maintenance cost and servicing is also relatively easy as any mechanic would know how to service/repair.

EDITED: Pictures are of Grant's KE70! Awesome car you have there Grant! Visit his blog at http://www.midnightmechanics.blogspot.com/