Monday, January 18, 2016

3 Fast Forward Tips For Driving In The City

There’s so much to enjoy in the busy city centre of KL. The place is always bustling. But the trouble is that the city roads tend to be so packed, and it is frustrating trying to navigate through all of that. Even finding parking can be a pain, too. But does that mean we should stay in more and not get out there? Not at all. There are quite a few ways you can save yourself a headache and fast-forward your trip. All it takes is some prep and a little know-how. Start with these fast forward driving tips for the big city.

1. Fast forward how you get there

Find the ideal route beforehand. Research for any special events or road closures – if you are driving somewhere because there’s an event, chances are that many others might be thinking the same thing!  Consider the road layout and parking facilities of your route. Certain roads in Kuala Lumpur are often closed during weekends or events such as for marathons or for official government functions. The roads can be pretty confusing too, so try to take note of the road’s name.
Another handy tip is to get a navigation system such as Waze. You will get route and traffic updates in real-time, which is a really handy way to avoid unwanted last-minute surprises en-route.
Do take note of the highway route or road - keep left might not mean that you should take a left turn or exit the freeway. Papago is better in this aspect as they have lane assist which will provide an actual picture of the lane with nice big arrows telling you which lane to turn. Remember to use your turn signal indicators!

2. Fast forward how you park
Instead of 15 minutes waiting and hunting for parking, try seeking out alternative parking location - alternative parking locations may be within walking distance of the destination but are underutilized. It’ll save you lots of time and you’ll get to where you want to be that much quicker.
For example, searching for an empty lot at the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre can be quite difficult, especially on weekends. Instead, try to park at the Sunway Pyramid Hotel & Resort, which has more vacant lots and is connected with the shopping centre. Most malls have office blocks located nearby with abundant vacant lots during weekends.
3. Fast forward how you get home

Forgetting where you parked can happen, especially in unfamiliar locations. Nobody wants to spend time sweating in a stuffy, dark parking lot searching for a car after a long day.

A fast forward tip is to take a picture of your car’s lot and the surrounding. Try to take a picture of the car or its surrounding such as the car park’s number, the pillar with floor and parking designation, colour of parking zone, or the nearest exit. While locating the car you can also try to unlock the car with your remote. If you’re nearby the lot, you should hear the car’s unlocking notification chime.

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