Friday, November 21, 2014

BMW 3-Series Modification - E36 Convert to E46 Body Kit

At one glance, you would think this is a BMW 3-Series E46. However, upon closer inspection, this appears to be a BMW 3-series E36 modified and converted to a E46 look. This conversions is so comprehensive, it literally had the whole E46 front bonnet, fenders, headlamp, and bumpers replacing the E36's squarish body parts. The rear of this E36 is also fully converted to a E46's; from the E46 tail lights, bumpers and an E46 generation AC-Schnitzer ducktail spoiler. From the side though, you could clearly tell that it is a E36, as the squarish profile remains unchanged. I personally feel that if he wanted an E46 so badly, he could have just sold his E36 and use the modification fund to buy a real E46 3-series. Maybe he wants to be different? What do you guys think?