Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vibrating steering wheel after changing tyres? Check your balancing!

Hup Shun Tyres, Malaysia

Do you have a steering wheel which vibrates at high speed? In most cases, it is usually the wheel balancing but it could also be warped brake disc rotors. However, unless it vibrates when you are braking, your best bet is to check the balancing first. Now the problem is, sometimes mechanics says there are no problems found, despite you being so sure that the problem is that particular problem (sounds familiar?). 

To be fair to the mechanic, the owner should know his/her car best as they have spent a greater deal of time driving it. The problem comes when the feedback from the car owner is not taken seriously by the workshop mechanic. 

Below is an independent review from forum. Please do not judge the shop from just this review, but merely take it with a pinch of salt and assist you if you face a similar problem. 

I sent my car to HupShun Tyre @ JALAN PJS 11/7, BANDaR SUNWAY, for changing two front tires. After changing the tires, I experienced steering vibration at high speed above 120/kmh.

I brought it back to HupShun the next working day and told them about the problem. They just took it out, rebalanced and replace back, and tell me "it's 'OKAY now".

From my past experience, I had this same vibration problem above 120/kmh before, and the previous tire shop did an on-wheel/high speed balancing for me, and everything was ok. - But this HupShun mechanic told me that actually they don't have that machine to do high-speed balancing.


He proceeded to tell me actually my rims are dented (bengkok)!!

I argued and said, if my rims are dented (bengkok), why the day before when I traveled to Johor and back, there was NO vibration AT ALL even at 150-160/kmh??

I politely asked to speak to the manager.

The mechanic went over to discuss with the other staffs and the admin. 

As I walked over to them, another mechanic walked out from the group, walked past me, and loudly replied them in Cantonese: 

"CHEH! ONLY BOUGHT TWO TIRES, WANT TO SEE THE MANAGER MEH?". Basically implying that I am a low-paying customer, unworthy of entertainment? "Professionalism"-much? rolleyes.gif (This mechanic was actually a nice person the day before, when I first came to the shop to inquire for purchase.)

I ignored his unprofessional insult.

Mr. Ivan (who I presume is the Head Mechanic of HupShun Tyres), walked over and politely spoke to me, and said that they can not do anything if my rims are 'bengkok'. I will need to repair the rims with them if I want the vibration to go away.

I stressed that "If my rims were bengkok, why only after I changed tires at your shop, and you guys redo (screwed up) my balancing, that I have this steering vibration at high speed?". He however, IGNORED my question, and again said they can not do anything if my rims are bengkok. 
* Ivan, I understand that you can not allow your company to lose money by paying extra for this problem and fault your company cost me, but STOP LYING TO ME.

I told Mr. Ivan, (the Head Mechanic of HupShun) to please do a On-Wheel/High Speed balancing WITH the machine used to spin the tires while the tires are on the car, and I am 100% sure my steering vibration problem will be solved. 

Mr. Ivan said they don't use this method anymore, and that their own machine (take out the tires and spin on the machine) is 'GOOD ENOUGH for balancing', and they have not used the manual machine to spin the tires for 3 years already. 

** Okay? Why not just tell me that HupShun is inefficient in their machinery, that they do not have the funds for a simple basic manual high-speed balancing machine that costs only about RM10-20k? Or that HupShun does not want to compensate me in anyway because they do not have the technology?

I left the shop, very disappointed and dissatisfied.

Anyway, after that I quickly head to my previous tire shop at KL to do the on-wheel/high speed balancing with the machine spinning the tire while the tire is on the car, and PROBLEM SOLVED.


1) My tire/rims balancing was screwed up after changing tires at HupShun.
2) I got insulted by one of their mechanics.
3) I had to waste more time going to another tire shop, pay extra money to rectify a problem that HupShun created for me.
4) I WAS PUSHED AWAY AND DENIED WARRANTY, BECAUSE THEY DID NOT HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY TO RECTIFY MY PROBLEM. Even when it boldly state along the lines of "7 days warranty" on their receipt's T&C.An weightless statement and empty warranty promise.

This is my FIRST and LAST TIME going to HupShun Tyres. I am not saying 'Do not go to HupShun Tyres Sunway'. I am just saying 'Be careful of having to experience the same, if you ever decide to go to HupShun Tyres Sunway for the first time'.


If you are the Manager or Owner of HupShun, or you know the owner/manager well. Feel free to inform him/her about this. Do bear in mind that this is MY bad experience. I'm sure every shop has their share of satisfied customers, and unsatisfied customers. You can not satisfy everyone.

But HupShun Tyres, I am one of your unsatisfied customer that has the extra time to post my experience on an online forum, to warn fellow forumers from having to experience the same sh*t as I did at your premise.