Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tyre Price List in Malaysia from Tek Ming

Here are some of the tyre prices for your  reference! Obtained them from Tek Ming. Tek Ming Tyre Shop is located in Sunway. Their prices may not be the cheapest, but service is pretty decent. If you aren't buying rims perhaps it is worth it to visit there, rather than driving all the way to Klang for cheaper tyres. I heard Shah Alam also have some pretty good rim and tyre deals! The pricelist contains mostly Silverstone tyre prices and also Goodyear tyre prices. 

Tek ming auto service sdn bhd no.1 & 3 jalan pjs11/24,
bandar sunway industrial park,
46150 subang jaya,
selangor darul ehsan.

Business Hours: Mon-Sat: 9:00am ~ 7:30pm
Sun & Public Holiday: 9:30am ~ 6:00pm

Brand Model Size  Price (RM)
Silverstone Synergy M5 195/50/15 RM155
Silverstone Synergy M5 185/55/15 RM150
Silverstone Synergy M5 195/55/15 RM160
Silverstone Synergy M5 195/60/15 RM175
Silverstone Synergy M5 205/45/16 RM190
Silverstone Synergy M5 205/40/17 RM195
Silverstone Synergy M5 215/45/17 RM215
Silverstone Powerblitz 1800 155/70/12 RM105
Silverstone Powerblitz 1800 165/60/13 RM120
Silverstone Powerblitz 1800 165/55/14 RM130
Silverstone Powerblitz 1800 175/65/14 RM130
Silverstone NS-223 175/70/13 RM112
Silverstone NS-223 185/60/14 RM128
Goodyear Duraplus 175/70/13 RM1X5
Goodyear Duraplus 165/60/13 RM1X5
Goodyear Duraplus 185/60/14 RM1X0
Goodyear Duraplus 165/55/14 RM1X0
Goodyear NCT5 195/55/15 RM1X5

Last updated in 2013