Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sonax Care Care Product Review

I recently purchased some Sonax product, and overall the quality is pretty alright. For a normal end-user, it does it job perfectly. 

I purchased the SONAX Xtreme Polish & wax 3 NanoPro, SONAX Xtreme ActiveShampoo 2 in 1, and SONAX Xtreme Wax

The polish and wax series 3 is very good, it can remove tar easily (quite strong). Compared to industrial paint shop quality polish, the quality loses marginally. One thing is the application and removal is quick, unlike industrial polish which takes much longer to achieve the same result, and even longer for better result.

The active shampoo does it job perfectly, leaving the car clean. No complaints here. The Xtreme wax gives a good deep gloss, as illustrated by the picture below. Overall Sonax products are value for money.

After Sonax shampoo wash, Sonax polish on the bonnet, and Sonax wax on the whole car. Quite glossy!