Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Porsche Cayenne II: Lumma Design Body kit

The new Porsche Cayenne already looks menacing in its stock form, but Lumma Designs from Germany decided to up it on notch: the Porsche Cayenne CLR 558 GT with Lumma Design is now officially the slickest, sexist Porsche Cayenne! (in my opinion).

The kit comprises of a new wide body fender arches, integrated nicely into a redesigned front bumper (which reminded me of Evo 10's front grille). In addition, there is plenty of daylight running lights and new LEDs everywhere. Audi must be jealous now. To rub it in, there are 2 pairs of fog lights on each side. To lighten the heavy fat Cayenne, a carbon fibre hood with air vents replaces the original. Not that it makes much of a weight difference. 

The rear bumper is also redesigned, and now incorporated a diffuser and central mounted exhaust pipes similar to mini Cooper's. The headlights & tail lights are now smoked. There are also new new and tail gate spoilers.

The weight saved from the carbon fibre hood is unfortunately overshadowed by the massive 22" rims. Interior wise, just the usual aluminium pedal set, illuminated door sills, leather floor mats etc.

Performance wise is however a letdown. Despite the fierce exterior, the only performance modifications are a new set of sport exhaust system that purrs. Would I buy it? Definitely! This is the sexist Cayenne body kit to-date.