Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Proton Wira modified into BMW

Proton Wira to BMW 3 Series conversion. Very intense!

If you look closely, this is actually a Proton Wira and not a BMW 3 series E46! The owner somehow managed to integrate the BMW bonnet, signature BMW kidney grille, E46 bumpers, and also the 3 series head lights. However, upon closer inspection, the headlights appear to be Proton Wira headlights with shrouds and eyelids to give the illusion of a 3 series headlamp.  The wide body fender arches resemble those found on DTM touring cars. I wouldn't recognize this is a Proton Wira except through the A,B, and C pillars.

To each his own, this owner definitely has put a lot of effort in this modification. You also have to admit this is a great change from the usual Mitsubishi EVO conversions that we have seen so often on Proton Wiras !

I would love to see how the rear looks like! Could it be as intensive as the front fascia?