Tuesday, October 4, 2011

3SGTE in Toyota Corolla Altis

Despite the Toyota Corolla Altis being relatively new, many enthusiasts have started modifying different engines into their ride. In fact, after much inspiration from Thai 3SGTE Altis modders, I also changed my engine. Currently it is in progress, but  looking good thus far.

3SGTE Altis from Thailand

The 3S-GTE is an in-line 4-cylinder 1998cc engine from Toyota, based on the 3S-GE with reduced compression ratio and addition of a turbocharger.
There are four generations of this engine, which were manufactured from 1986 to 2007.
3S-GTE Engines
GenerationYearsCompr.Power (Japan)TorqueUsed In
1st1986–19898.5:1136 kW (182 hp) @6000 rpm250 Nm (184 ft·lbf) @3600 rpmCelica GT-Four (ST165)
2nd1990–19938.8:1165 kW (221 hp) @6000 rpm304 Nm (224 ft·lbf) @3200 rpmCelica GT-Four (ST185), MR2 (SW20)
3rd1994–19998.5:1180 kW (241 hp) @6000 rpm304 Nm (224 ft·lbf) @4000 rpmCelica GT-Four (ST205), MR2 (SW20)
4th1999–20079.0:1191 kW (256 hp) @6200 rpm324 Nm (239 ft·lbf) @4400 rpmCaldina GT-T (ST215), Caldina GT-Four (ST246)