Friday, July 1, 2011

All credit goes to soulfly @ lowyat.net

I would want to share with you guys regarding KW Suspensions.

I emailed the real KW company which is KW automotive GmbH, a company from Germany infamous for their car suspension and handling products. However, there has been a local company who seemed to be using the original KW name for its products, and they widely advertise their brand locally (you can find a lot in local car magazine). This email clarified a few things that I could sum up:- KW does not have an authorized dealer in Malaysia. The nearest authorized dealer or distributor is in Singapore- Genuine KW coilovers can be identified in yellow-purple colour, not red like the one sold by MaxAudio, or any other local accessories shop who claimed their KW is 'German technology'.- The website www.kw.com.my or its company Kim Wah Unique Trading Sdn. Bhd is no way associated with the real KW Suspensions. KW confirmed that the products distributed by Kim Wah Unique Trading Sdn. Bhd. are copycats and there is no guarantee that it will perform like the original KW suspensions. Reliability is definitely compromised.- Anything that is not listed under the official KW Suspensions website (www.kw-suspensions.eu) is not authentic.- The website www.kw.com.my is selling/marketing copycats. The ones distributed by MaxAudio are also copycats. They are definitely not KW Germany as claimed by their advertisements.www.kw.com.my <--- copycat (just like the Brothers' "Mugen High Power" brand)www.kw-suspensions.eu <--- original

Original Link:http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1826373