Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Introduction: My Blog Name

The blog was named "Kopi-O-Licence" because most of the names I wanted to use were already taken, so I brainstormed for a catchy name. Partially due to my liking for Coffee, or "Kopi" as known in Malaysia, I named this site after the drink.

The part after the licence is a Malaysian slang referring to those people whom have obtained their licence through an illegitimate mean. The act of giving bribe is referred to as "Kopi-o" money or coffee money because kopi-o is black coffee, therefore implying under table activities. 

The above information was written from my limited understanding and deduction, and if anyone has further inputs please feel free to post comments or email me. For everyone's information, I obtained my licence through the legal method. 

Disclaimer: The naming of this site does not serve to offend anyone but merely as a catchy blog title.