Friday, January 21, 2011

Fender Rolling for my Toyota Altis 2003

After I changed to sports spring and short stroke absorber, my 17" rims scrub the fender when going over bumps or even on uneven highways. Took me quite a while to source for a shop with the proper equipment, as most workshops only use a hammer to knock the fender. However, for a proper job, a roller is preferred, as it is able to roll the fender evenly.

Fender Rolling Equipment

After Googling for a shop in KL / Selangor that does fender rolling at a reasonable price and with good workmanship, I went to Quick Save Auto Boutique @ USJ7. 

Picture of shop taken from their website @ www.quicksave2u.com
My car getting ready to be rolled

Before getting rolled - The fender lining keep scrubbing and peeling away my tyre walls.

The Rolling Proccess; took no less than 15 minutes per side, and best of all my paint didn't come off.

The roller in full view. FYI sports absorber brand is HARA, economical, value for money sports suspension!

Roller @ work... the upper fender lining is already rolled inwards.

The side is left unrolled as the tyre does not scrub the sides, only the upper fender lining.

Rolling Done!

Overall the workshop is very professional, has good customer service, and best of all it is reasonable. The cost for rolling was only RM45 per side, and my paint were not damaged during the rolling process.

Business Address (HQ - USJ) , N3 02.903, E101 35.633
Quick-Save Automart (M) Sdn Bhd
No.2, USJ7/3A, Subang Jaya
47610 Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +603 5636 0917 , +603 5632 0178
Fax: +603 5631 7406 

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